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When a plant flowers, it attracts attention. In the glasshouses of the Leiden Hortus, for example, there were recently flowers of a plant from the Melastomataceae family, which was otherwise only known as species 'indet' (undetermined). This gave a good opportunity to find out the true identity of the plant. Head of collections Roderick Bouman sent photos of the plant and the flowers to some plant experts abroad. Together, they concluded that it seems to be a species of the genus Medinilla (to which the popular houseplant 'Medinilla magnifica' also belongs), but that it was also interesting to study the DNA in order to look for a more specific identification. Therefore, Roderick collected some leaves on silica and some flowers on alcohol as reference material. The leaves will now go to Germany for DNA sequencing and the plant will be compared to other species to find out what it is. To be continued!

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