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There is also plenty to do in the Leiden Hortus in the colder seasons.

What can you expect?

Exhibitions Fritillaria & Extraordinary orchids
For lovers of beautiful flowers: from 1 March to 31 May there is a small spring exhibition about Fritillaria, such as the checkered lily that grows in the Netherlands. From 6 March to 29 April you can visit the exhibition Extraordinary orchids of the Hortus botanicus Leiden, an exhibition about the orchid collection of Hortus botanicus Leiden.

Plant survivors
Take a look at our newest permanent exhibition about plant survivors in the Winter glasshouse. Discover plants that have been around for a long time, how they've adapted to the circumstances over time and why carnivorous plants are real survivors.

Free booklets
The free walking books that are available at the cash desk complete your visit to the Hortus botanicus Leiden. We have a wide range of walking guides, like:

  • Tropical glasshouses
  • China
  • Clusius
  • Japan & Von Siebold (also in German). 

Leiden Observatory
Admission to the Leiden Observatory Visitors' Centre is free for visitors of the Hortus botanicus during weekends from 11 to 16. Information available in English and Dutch. 

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