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The Hortus botanicus Leiden offers you an opportunity to adopt one of our trees or plants for a specific period of time, this contributing both to the preservation of the Hortus and caring for that special tree or plant. The Leiden Hortus manages more than 50 trees that are at least 100 years old. The oldest tree in the garden is the Laburnum that was mentioned in books dating from 1601, so it is more than four centuries old! These trees often need special care and attention. Take a look at the film at the bottom of this page.

Adopt a tree

You can become an Adopter from €250 per year, this contributing to the preservation of the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. Your help also enables the Hortus to look after these trees, from the youngest to the truly monumental. You may decide whether you want to continue with the adoption per calendar year. If you choose to adopt for 5 years or more you can make use of the ANBI advantages. It is also possible to give someone an adoption as a present.

What do you get in return?

Trees that can be adopted

Click here and choose for the ‘adoption tour’ This page shows a selection of the special trees and plants for adoption. Is the tree/plant of your choice not included? Then do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the options. You can contact us for more information via or via +31 (0)71-5275144.


See above for information on which trees and plants are available for adoption. If you decide to register as an Adopter and your preferred tree/plant is available, we will ask you to complete the adoption form. We will arrange your adoption and you will receive your digital Friends Card within a week.

If you would like advice on choosing a tree or plant, register as an Adopter and state your interests in the comments box. We will send you a number of suggestions via email. If you like, we would be happy to talk you on a walk to see the various options in the Hortus. 

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